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Create Effective Videos For Multi-Channel Platforms

A lot of brands rely on videos to captivate the target audience on different kinds of social channels. Creative and funny videos usually get thousands of views. Here are some tips to consider when producing videos for multi-channel platforms. 1. Deliver a clear message. Think about the message that the audience needs to remember after watching the video. If it is about the value of a new product, choose the top features to highlight. It is not necessary to go into

Smart Reasons To Advertise On Multi-Channel Platforms

A lot of digital marketers are saying that it is not always a good idea to spread a company’s marketing efforts across several channels on the internet. Perhaps they are right in certain situations. There are particular products, services, and mission statements that may fail to work in certain social channels. This is one of the reasons why it is a smart idea to get the services of a multi-channel platform. Know The Right Social Channel Being present in too many social

How To Identify The Best Marketing Channels

Facebook is probably the most popular social channel for all kinds of marketing teams today. It is unlikely for a multi-channel platform to discourage a brand from going on Facebook. Still, there are other social channels that companies can use to increase awareness of their products and services. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has an estimated 2.2 billion active users. To put things in perspective, that figure is comparable to the combined population of China (1.4 billion) and India (1.3 billion) in 2017.

Social Marketing: Qualities Of A Good Facebook Post

Social media marketers know that their posts or media content should meet a set of criteria before they publish it. One post is considered good and effective when it attracts the target audience and gets shared with thousands or millions of social media users. This is always possible on Facebook. What makes a good Facebook page? Casual Facebook users may not be able to distinguish an individual account from a business page right away. However, social media marketers should know the difference.

Understanding Hashtags In Multi-Channel Marketing

Hashtags (#) puzzle a lot of people on social media networks. People who use it aimlessly add to the confusion. When used properly, hashtags can become effective marketing tools for any brand. The operative word here is “properly”. Here are some tips on using hashtags the right way particularly in multi-channel marketing platforms: 1. There should be a hashtag for the brand. Imagine the brand name is “Winner Label”. Now, imagine the product is organic soap. In this case, a good hashtag

5 Reasons To Join Multi-Channel Marketing Webinars

There are plenty of free webinars for internet users who are keen on expanding their knowledge or learning new things. New digital marketers should take advantage of these free webinars and learn about how things work in multi-channel marketing platforms. Here are five good reasons to join a webinar on multi-channel platforms: 1. One for many. A webinar on multi-channel platforms for social media marketers will touch upon a lot of relevant topics. Participants will learn the key distinguishing factors that set

Multi Channel Campaign Platform

How it works. A flexible, multi-channel, data-driven marketing engagement platform to launch, measure, benchmark, analyze and consolidate a user’s journey with your brand. Design Design your consumer experience from our 50 and growing mobile responsive, data collecting, activation modules. Motivate Include encouragement and incentives to consumers for exchanging their data and engaging with your brand with gated content, coupons, merchandise, a redemption store, sweepstakes, segment incentive by user types and more. Launch Display your program anywhere with our mobile responsive modules for integration into your IOS/Droid