Create Effective Videos For Multi-Channel Platforms

//Create Effective Videos For Multi-Channel Platforms

A lot of brands rely on videos to captivate the target audience on different kinds of social channels. Creative and funny videos usually get thousands of views. Here are some tips to consider when producing videos for multi-channel platforms.

1. Deliver a clear message. Think about the message that the audience needs to remember after watching the video. If it is about the value of a new product, choose the top features to highlight. It is not necessary to go into a lot of details about the product. Focus on what is the most different or innovative about it. If the list is too long, the audience could lose their focus on what truly matters.

2. Add emotional value. A video that appeals to one’s emotions is usually memorable. It can revolve around the concepts of family, friendship, or community. It can serve as an inspiration to people in challenging situations. It can deliver a message that reassures the audience that they are not alone in dealing with a particular dilemma. Once a video succeeds in tapping into the audience’s emotions, it has a high chance of being shared repeatedly until it goes viral.

3. Add a dash of humor. Funny videos make people relax. Funny situations that are relatable and realistic in an average person’s everyday life are likely to hit the right mark. Babies, as well as cute domestic animals or pets, are common elements in funny videos. They work well because babies and pets are adorable. Even when they are not aware of what exactly they are doing, adorable characters are always fun to share.

4. Limit duration of the video. Keep videos short and sweet. The ideal length is under two minutes. Start the videos with a bang so that the audience will hang on up to the last moment. If it starts in a boring manner, the audience might not engage. A frequent user of social media channels typically watches several videos a day. If they do not like the first twenty seconds of the video, they might just move on to the next video in their feed. In the same manner, if the message of the video is too cluttered, the audience might simply shrug it off as a failed attempt at selling or making sense.

5. Think of target audience and their community. As always, content producers should always put the audience first. Knowing the audience leads to effective videos that speak to the right people or prospective buyers. Every type of audience has a community. If the video works for several people in this community, the video’s share potential may continue to increase over time.

Any of the five tips above will work on various social channels. For Snapchat and Instagram, however, the video should be extra short. Users on these channels are used to short and snappy videos that clearly deliver a brand’s message in sixty seconds or less.

Video producers may also consider putting up a series of short videos. This may be better than trying to say everything in one long video that could bore the target audience.