How To Identify The Best Marketing Channels

//How To Identify The Best Marketing Channels

Facebook is probably the most popular social channel for all kinds of marketing teams today. It is unlikely for a multi-channel platform to discourage a brand from going on Facebook. Still, there are other social channels that companies can use to increase awareness of their products and services.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has an estimated 2.2 billion active users. To put things in perspective, that figure is comparable to the combined population of China (1.4 billion) and India (1.3 billion) in 2017. These are the top two countries in the world population chart. The United States takes the third place with 324 million people. That said, being on Facebook truly matters to marketers and media producers.

However, there are different types of Facebook users, depending on the hours they spend on the social network. The most frequent Facebook users may not be a product’s target audience. They could be elsewhere. For instance, influential professionals are likely to spend more hours on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Twitter is the avenue for professionals who are passionate about getting heard. Their posts, otherwise known as tweets, are often about their field of expertise or business industry. In contrast, LinkedIn is the social network that connects decision makers, headhunters, mentors, and job seekers. In other words, people in their late teens or early 20s are not likely to be there.

For fashion and beauty products, the target audience is likely to be on Snapchat, Instagram, or Pinterest. These social networks appeal to people who are into visuals. They appreciate 15-second videos. Their language is concise, fun, and youthful.

There are more social channels aside from the networks mentioned above. How can a company identify the best social channel for its products and services?

Here are some questions that a marketing team should answer: (1) What is the brand’s message, exactly? (2) Who should hear out this message? (3) Where should this message be heard?

The Brand Message

State the brand message clearly and let the whole organization understand it. The marketing team will use this as the center of all campaigns. Describe how the message sounds. If it is professional and serious, it should be on Facebook during lunch or pre-dinner hours only. Then, it should be on LinkedIn all day long.

Not all campaigns match the environment of all social networks. However, Facebook may be an exception. Still, the campaign schedule should be carefully planned. It should run only at the right time and not all throughout the day.

The Audience

Describe the target audience. Young and socially active. Carefree or university students. They are most likely on Facebook all day.

What kinds of things matter to them? Photography. Crafts. Scenic destinations. Beaches. They are most likely on Instagram, posting videos and following influencers in their areas of interest.

The Best Social Channels

The best social channel will always depend on the brand and its target audience. Knowing how each social channel works and the kind of users that each of them attracts will help companies build the widest quality audience on the internet.