Multi Channel Campaign Platform

//Multi Channel Campaign Platform

How it works.

A flexible, multi-channel, data-driven marketing engagement platform to launch, measure, benchmark, analyze and consolidate a user’s journey with your brand.


Design your consumer experience from our 50 and growing mobile responsive, data collecting, activation modules.


Include encouragement and incentives to consumers for exchanging their data and engaging with your brand with gated content, coupons, merchandise, a redemption store, sweepstakes, segment incentive by user types and more.


Display your program anywhere with our mobile responsive modules for integration into your IOS/Droid App, Website or a stand alone mobile responsive web experience.


Global and individual campaign performance dashboard and create consumer Profiles for tracking all interactions, behaviors, interests, activities, purchases and more with your brand. Lodestone comes complete with a campaign benchmarking tool to help benchmark success against your previous campaigns or other Lodestone clients. As well as segmentation tools to create and track users groups based upon interactions, interests, demographics and more.


Use Lodestone’s email or in app alerts to serve up real-time content, coupons, codes or messages based on a user’s activity. Or with Lodestone’s Segmentation tool, API’s and marketing automation wrappers you can upload data to your existing Marketing Automation tools like Eloqua or Marketo.