Social Marketing: Qualities Of A Good Facebook Post

//Social Marketing: Qualities Of A Good Facebook Post

Social media marketers know that their posts or media content should meet a set of criteria before they publish it. One post is considered good and effective when it attracts the target audience and gets shared with thousands or millions of social media users. This is always possible on Facebook.

What makes a good Facebook page?

Casual Facebook users may not be able to distinguish an individual account from a business page right away. However, social media marketers should know the difference. The Facebook page is a company’s reception desk, virtual pop-up booth, and customer support line.

Used and maintained properly, the Facebook page can positively impact the revenue of small and medium enterprises. Even tech giants know this, too. So, what are the best practices for Facebook page management? It is good to start with the kind of posts that go to a business page.

Here are some of the qualities of a good Facebook post:

Straightforward. Regular Facebook users are accustomed to seeing a lot of interesting content on their feed. They have been somehow programmed to ignore words and imagery in their feed if they couldn’t easily determine its value. This is why funny memes combined with the right hashtags are always working. They are simple, direct, and oftentimes truly hilarious.

Witty and funny. Facebook can accommodate long sentences and narratives in its posting space. It doesn’t mean, however, that all posts should be lengthy. Choose quality over quantity here. Carefully plan posts to make sure that it is conversational and captivating. Wit is always celebrated on social media sites. Of course, where there is wit, humor always follows.

Visually appealing. These days, creative workers who do not use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop can produce artwork using Canva. There are so many templates there, and each one is attractive. Find the best template to deliver a brand or product message. Test it with the page followers. Study the level of engagement, then try other templates if necessary.

Relatable. Social media marketers know that they should sound credible and compelling to their target audience. However, they should always be relatable. To achieve this, use conversational language (no jargons) and images that depict average human aspirations. For example, job seekers are easy for the young ones to relate to. Rags to riches stories are also relatable because everyone dreams of overcoming hardships in their future.

Moving. Many of the most popular Facebook posts are human stories. These are videos that spark a renewed faith in humanity. They tug at people’s heartstrings and holds on relentless until the video viewer cannot hold back the tears anymore. These are the posts that go viral quickly. Keep in mind, however, that a baby’s laughter or a pet’s antics may just be as moving, too. The content you produce will always depend on your brand message and target audience.

To sum up, a good Facebook post is share-worthy. When in doubt, test it with a few trusted friends using a personal account. Better yet, get the services of a multi-channel marketing platform to get some expert opinion on your Facebook content.