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The campaigns should speak directly to the audience in a clear and concise manner.


Study real-time analytics to quickly measure, interpret, and predict audience reactions.


The best campaigns have a specific and hard-to-miss call-to-action.


There should be ways to implement improvements in order to ensure the best possible results.

Ways To Leverage Multi-Channel Analytics

Campaign analytics is not rocket science. Still, it can be daunting for digital marketers to tackle when the campaign is fresh or just recently launched on a multi-channel platform.

Study the conversion rate

A campaign that is yielding a high conversion rate is doing very well.

Identify the most popular device

Get to know the most popular devices among the campaign audience.

Track changes

Carefully compare the results of the first 24 hours against the same period of the next day.


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How To Choose Custom Jewelry

Buying a diamond ring is a big investment. You want to make sure that your diamond ring is something that you can afford and that it is going to make your loved one happy. You want to buy the best diamond ring that you can afford and this means you need to do some serious research so you can find the diamond ring that is going to be right for your needs. A good diamond ring is going to last forever and it is going to go up in value. A custom ring is going to be even more unique and your loved one is going to appreciate it more.

Unique Custom Jewelry

Diamond are set in rings by jewelers and everything has to be perfect for the diamond to look its best. The jeweler should have years of training and should also have plenty of experience with setting diamonds. The diamond has to be set right for it to look its best and there are lots of different settings that you can choose from.

The setting that you choose is going to depend on how you want the diamond to look and there are lots of different types of settings that you can choose from. If you aren’t sure what type of setting you want, you can go to a jewelry shop to look at the different settings to see which ones you like. You can also do research online to see which settings appeal to you.

The choice is going to depend on your personal preference and also what your budget is. You want to make sure that you can afford the ring and you don’t want to get too far into debt for the ring because it will take you a long time to pay the ring off if you go too deeply into debt for it. Having a custom piece made makes your ring more unique and interesting and it is worth the extra cost.

Custom Ring Directly Works With Designer

When you choose a custom ring you get to work directly with the designer and you end up with a pattern that is just what you want. You can have almost any pattern placed on your ring and you will know that your ring isn’t like any other ring in the world. A custom ring is going to be completely unique and the design is more special when it is unique. If you are looking for something totally different than you want to go with a ring that is totally unique and that isn’t going to look like anything else.

Your loved one is going to enjoy having something totally special and you are going to feel good about having it made. You have to be ready to pay the price if you want a custom ring because the price is going to be more expensive. The price is also going to worth it and you get a ring that is unlike anything else. A beautiful ring is going to make your loved one happy. Find best information at http://www.shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-repair-dayton-ohio/

What Are The Acceptable Documents Needed When Applying For A Social Security Card?

What are the acceptable documents that you can use to get a replacement SS card? It would be nice to know everything you need because you need to have your affairs in order when you go up to the office. But wait, what if you didn’t have to go to the office at all? That is something to think about as you continue reading about exactly what you need to get a new social security card.

Apply For Replacement Card Online

If you are able to apply for a replacement card online, you are going to need your drivers license only. In fact, you wouldn’t even necessarily need it in your hand, since you don’t have to show it or make a copy of it to send electronically. All you will need is the information from the card, and you will be able to simply input that information to help prove who you are. Let’s back up for a minute though because not every situation fits applying for a social security card online.

If you have to apply for a card in person, you are going to need your drivers license and birth certificate. There are other acceptable forms of identification, but those are the main documents required. If you have those two forms of identification, then the rest of the process is a piece of cake, save for taking up time at the SSA office. You have to do what you have to do.

Change The Name And Number Of your Card

If you are going to need to change the name or number on your card, you need those documents and have to visit the office in person. If you are getting a replacement card, then you are going to be able to apply online, most likely. You will need to register for an account, which is simple enough. You will need a way to verify that account, which is handled using a text message or email address. You also have to verify your identity by answering some questions based on information obtained from your consumer credit report.

After you get registered with an account, all you need is your drivers license at your side. The rest of the information you will have memorized. In fact, you might even have your drivers license number and expiration date memorized. If you do, then you can leave that form of identification in your wallet and just fill out the application. It is really simple, and you will then receive a confirmation email. You should also receive another email once your application has been reviewed and your card is on its way.

It only takes about two weeks for you to get your card. There is no difference in the wait time if you go to the office or apply online. The only difference is that applying online is much easier. It will be a piece of cake, if you are able to handle the matter that way. I suggest at least looking into it because you could skip the extra form of identification and just do the application online. Visit online website to apply for lost social security card replacement application and for details ask the authorities.

Different Types Of Programmable Logic Devices

When people talk about programmable logic devices, they often think about FPGAs. These are the most common of all of those that are produced. However, people often forget about programmable logic devices, those that are much more simple. They are much better than a logic gate because it’s not just a fixed function. Additionally, it might be harder to find software programs that interact with some of the older ones. If you want to get one, field programmable gate arrays of the best choice, but there are many others that are available. Let’s discuss the different types of programmable logic devices that you may want to consider purchasing.

When Were The First Ones Made?

The first ones that were made were back in the 60s. A company by the name of Motorola was responsible for them. Later on, in the 1970s, others were developed by companies like Texas Instruments. As time progressed, more of them were made until they were making monolithic memories and they finally came out with programmable logic arrays. This included PLA, PAL, and many others. This eventually led to the development of the FPGA. Xilinx is the company that created those. This is a company that has grown into a giant corporation, one that spans the globe. It is a multibillion-dollar corporation, and it is because of their ingenuity, that we have some of the fastest computers and circuit boards that are produced today.

How Can You Find Out More Information About Them?

You can get a lot of information on these devices very quickly. For example, if you wanted to learn about PAL or GAL CPLDs, you can go to many websites that will talk about them. You will learn that they are representative of just a few hundred logic gates, with larger ones able to handle a serial datastream very easily. Additionally, if you take classes on these, you will learn all about them. It will tell you how they were made, how to program them, and which ones are actually the best right now. All of this information is freely available on the web, but if you want to pursue this is a career, you can take classes on programmable logic devices.

If you are going to do something with a computer today, there is nothing better than using FPGAs. These are one of the best programmable logic devices ever created. Xilinx is responsible for the manufacturing of this product, and they have subsequently come out with many different versions over the last 35 years, so that you will be able to get the one that you need. If you are not sure, you can always talk to representatives of the companies that sell them to see which ones will work best with your particular project. Many of the businesses that are producing them will have videos on what software to use to program them and what devices they are best suited for. That way, you will always know that you are getting the right programmable logic devices for whatever it is that you are constructing. For more information visit http://www.directics.com/brand/xilinx/

What Does A Lawyer Do To Help With A Divorce?

As you go through the process of getting a divorce, you may find this somewhat difficult. It’s not just the emotional baggage that you will carry with you, but it’s also going to be the paperwork. You need to get forms from court houses in your area, fill that out, and then submit that so a judge can sign off on your request. Unfortunately for most people, it’s never this easy. There are always going to be problems and stipulations. It is very rare for couples that are getting a divorce to agree upon several different things. For example, they are not going to agree on the division of assets, or who is going to have primary custody of their children. These are issues that a lawyer can help you with so that you can finalize your divorce.

How Can Lawyers Help With The Divorce?

First of all, the lawyer will listen to your side of the story. They will then request that you do several things. First of all, they are going to need a list of all of your personal assets. Once they do that, they will try to come up with an equitable way to divide everything up. They will take into account how long you have been married, and what is legally jointly owned property. They are also going to file all of the papers that are necessary to finalize your divorce.

How Can You Find A Family Law Attorney To Help You?

You can locate these attorneys online. You may also have a friend that has recently gone through a divorce. Another option is to simply go through the Yellow Pages. The more research that you do, if you see one particular law firm or attorney popping up, this is likely one of the better ones to use. Search for feedback on these different law practices. People are willing to post their information about how their experience was on the web. After you have evaluated all of this, this will lead you to at least a couple potential family law attorneys that will be willing to take on your case.

Will They Also Represent You In Court?

In many cases, you are going to have to go to court before a judge. It is always better to have an attorney with you. If this goes to trial, they are also going to represent you, but this can get very expensive. If it goes to trial, they are going to have to find witnesses that will present information to perhaps present you in a positive light. Regardless of why you must go to court, they will be with you every step of the way.

Make sure that the lawyer that you choose has a good reputation. They should also have affordable rates. Although it may be hard to find this combination when searching through the many different law firms, there will be one that will be what you need. They will have a track record for success, and they will also have a lower retainer fee. The fees that they charge may even be more reasonable. As long as you feel confident about the attorney that you choose, this person will be able to help you get through the ordeal of going through a divorce, and you will likely have a much better resolution in regard to finances and visitation rights with your kids if you have children. Get to know more at https://deanhineslawyer.com/divorce-lawyers-dayton-ohio/

Reasons To Use A Multi-Channel Platform For Campaigns

The number of channels that companies can use to reach their audience continues to grow with each passing day. A multi-channel platform will streamline a company’s resources and allow the marketing team to focus on designs and strategies instead of monitoring separate channels.

Here are two good reasons to use a multi-channel platform for campaigns instead of working separately on various channels:

Time management. Instead of choosing different hashtags and approaches for different platforms, get a multi-channel platform to help you design the best flexible hashtags for your marketing materials. Some experts are convinced that social networking sites and other advertisement channels are all too unique from each other. These experts say you should change your manner of delivery for each channel. However, the truth is there are overlaps and similarities. The best multi-channel platform will help you see these overlaps and save a significant amount of your time.

Audience focus. The marketing team’s focus should always be on the audience. Knowing the audience will help strategists plan effective and lasting advertisements that result in high conversion and customer retention.

Attracting A Fickle Audience

People change their minds all the time. When it comes to attracting a fickle audience, the key is in making a lasting impression. The best marketing materials for people who always change their mind are those that carry a powerful punch.

This punch may come in the form of an emotional appeal. Sometimes, you turn to family and relationships to create this punch. Seek out the ideals and qualities that mean most to your target audience.

These qualities could be about positive attributes that make one an interesting person with a bright future ahead. It could also be about some missions that everyone in the world shares with each other. Bring about ideas that would elicit inspired action. These kinds of materials create an inspired audience.

When the audience is inspired, they are likely to remember the source of this inspiration. Tug at their heartstrings. Make them announce promises that they would want to keep. Sticking to your label or product should be one of these promises.

The audience may be fickle, but most of them would want to hang on to something. Tap into their emotions, because an emotional audience holds on to memories longer. The longer they keep a product in mind, the greater is the chance that they would keep choosing that product instead of its rivals.

5 Tips To Succeed On Multi-Channel Marketing Platforms

Launching campaigns on multi-channel marketing platforms is a smart move to reach the target audience. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the success of campaigns on these platforms. Here are five of the best ways to find real success on these platforms.

1. Personalize. The campaigns should speak directly to the audience in a clear and concise manner. Consider that different channels attract different kinds of users. Therefore, the demographics of the audience is far-reaching and wide-ranging. To personalize, the language should be light and informal yet professional in tone. Have a conversation with a general audience while employing some sense of balance between a very serious language and a tone that does not alienate the young ones. This conversation can engage the audience in many favorable ways. The audience should feel that the brand truly understands their needs. Make the audience feel important. Make them receive the brand’s message in a positive way. It is also important for a campaign to be share-worthy across all kinds of social channels. The key to share-worthiness is in the personalization of the campaign.

2. Specific call-to-action. The best campaigns have a specific and hard-to-miss call-to-action. There are limited stocks available. Buy now. Share now. Seize this promo while it lasts. Things like these should be clear to the audience. It should create a strong impact. The clearer the call-to-action, the easier it will be for data scientists to analyze the results of the campaign based on conversion rates. A lot of campaigns are launched for brand awareness only. However, a campaign that is on a platform that hosts various channels and allows for a wide audience reach should be properly maximized. Think of the best call-to-action to prompt the audience and move them to measurable decisions and actions.

3. Quantity and quality. Determine the frequency of a campaign’s appearances on various channels within the platform. Plan the best hours of the day when the audience is logged in and available to view the campaigns. A campaign that runs only on specific hours of the day may do much better than a campaign that runs all throughout the day. Find the best time for the most effective audience reach. Running campaigns is not all about the number of hours. It is also about the quality of the hours chosen for the campaigns. High-quality hours makes a wider reach more possible.

4. Monitor. Study real-time analytics to quickly measure, interpret, and predict audience reactions. Study the responses on various channels to find the best channel for the campaigns. If a particular channel is showing poor results, study the options available. Should the campaign run on fewer channels instead? Can the marketing team modify the campaign to make it more appealing to key channels? The analytics will provide important clues to help the marketing measure the effectiveness of the campaigns from the get-go.

5. Adapt. By the end of the first day of a campaign launch, the marketing team and data analysts would have a sufficient amount of information to determine if anything is lacking in the campaign. There should be ways to implement improvements in order to ensure the best possible results.

5 Ways To Leverage Multi-Channel Analytics

Campaign analytics is not rocket science. Still, it can be daunting for digital marketers to tackle when the campaign is fresh or just recently launched on a multi-channel platform. Here are five ways to leverage analytics within the first week of a campaign launch.

1. Study the conversion rate. A campaign that is yielding a high conversion rate is doing very well. In case the conversion rate is much lower than expected, study the factors that may have an impact on this measurement. For instance, the campaign is probably running on off-peak hours or when the audience is away. It can also be caused by spreading the campaign too thinly across too many channels in the platform. Identify the best hours of the day when the audience is most responsive and leave channels that are not working for the campaign. There could be a mismatch somewhere. The multi-channel analytics will provide clues for the next best steps.

2. Determine the most responsive age groups and regions. Carefully review the age demographics and locations of the most responsive audience. If targeted age groups and regions are not responding as planned, it may be smart to tweak the campaign early on to cast a better net to get the right audience’s attention. Technology today allows for real-time monitoring, so campaign designers and marketing people do not need more than one day to assess a new campaign. In case something is not working, immediately plan out a course of action that will capture the audience and make them act favorably.

3. Identify the most popular device. Get to know the most popular devices among the campaign audience. Android and iOS users have different preferences when it comes to product attributes. For instance, functionality and practicality are very important for Android users. In contrast, iOS users tend to pay more attention to a product’s visual appeal and reputation. If a product is really good, however, Android and iOS users are able to find common ground.

4. Observe referrals. Referral traffic can spell a huge difference in the success of a landing page or an entire campaign. Identify the best referral sources to implement a plan that would make better use of them. For instance, a company can explore to check if future partnerships are possible. Further, the sources of views and referrals can effectively describe the audience for the research team.

5. Track changes. Carefully compare the results of the first 24 hours against the same period of the next day. If there are notable changes, implement smart fixes. For instance, the campaign did very well on the lunch hour of the launch date. However, the same period of the next day showed a fifty percent drop. This could be a simple result of the effect of novelty. However, it could also mean a real negative feedback that requires immediate action from the marketing team.

Studying the analytics of a multi-channel social platform enables the marketing team to formulate and implement smart design changes that captivates a product’s target audience.

Multi-Channel Marketing Challenges

A campaign that runs on a multi-channel marketing platform is not guaranteed to be successful. Still, the best strategy for a campaign launch is placing it in a multi-channel platform. There are just plenty of challenges to overcome to ensure the effectiveness of a campaign.

1. Attention. Capture the right audience within the first five seconds of a campaign video. The longer it takes for the campaign hook to show, the smaller the chance for audience retention. Social media users tend to be impatient. If they sense that the video is loading too slowly, they go away. If the video is not able to pique their interest within the first few seconds of loading, the audience moves on. In other words, design the video or content in such a way that hooks the audience quickly.

2. Timing. A campaign that features the festive mood of Christmas or New Year should be launched before the middle of November. Give the audience at least a month to feel the season. In case of promos from hotels and holiday destinations, it is best to create a campaign that consists of a series of ads that will gradually elevate the level of excitement for the audience. Campaigns launched at the right time enable the marketing team to study the initial feedback through analytics. If changes are needed, they could make better ones in their series of ads or social media content for the campaign.

3. Relevance. A new product will successfully capture its target audience if it clearly points out the product relevance through the campaign content. The audience should be convinced enough that it makes sense for them to buy the product or pre-order now. For example, a campaign on a new beauty shop should clearly highlight why skin care is more important for women in their 20s than the older age group. The campaign content should say something along the lines of prevention being better than cure. Then the audience in their 20s should feel that the content has a valid point. It is relevant to their situation and they should act on it.

4. Call to action. A campaign that is on a multi-channel platform enjoys a vast audience. Therefore, the marketing team should maximize it. Have a clear and specific call-to-action. Offer the audience something they could not easily refuse. For instance, a new product is available and the early buyers could get it for a huge discount, say, twenty percent off. This call-to-action element encourages the audience to engage. From being passive viewers, the audience becomes an active buyer.

5. Conversion. There are campaigns that yield poor conversions in spite of high expectations. A low conversion rate turns up if the audience is not responding as planned. If the campaign goal is to make the audience click on a landing page, a low conversion rate means the audience was not moved to act on it. The marketing and research team should immediately study the situation and fix their marketing content.

Content Design Tips For Multi-Channel Platforms

To be visually appealing is to make real money. This is the reality on various social media channels. When a campaign is on a multi-channel platform, an effective post can easily go viral. Here are some content design tips to introduce products or create awareness through a simple post.

1. Reader-friendly font style. It is easy for a casual social media browser to miss the message of a post if the font used is not reader-friendly. It should be easy on the eyes (as relaxed as it can be depending on the message) and light enough for the inattentive brain to process. Decorative fonts are fine to a certain extent. When overused or abused, they tend to create a lot of noise for the readers. The post message then fails to get through to the audience. It is recommendable to combine decorative fonts with simple, Helvetica-like fonts. Always, however, there should be moderation. In some cases, less is more.

2. Simple, fun icons. Young people nowadays talk in emoji language because it is cute and funny. A lot of adults do it, too. Consider the product and brand, though. Will emojis and icons look good on a campaign for HIV awareness? Will they be visually appealing in a campaign that aims to sell yoga mats? Designs work differently for various campaign goals. Still, when designing a simple post, it is good to ask if the visual content should have a room for emojis and icons.

3. Have fun with puns. A product that targets the millennials should look and sound funny. Puns are good at demonstrating wit and making an audience smile, at the very least. When applicable, use moderated puns in social media posts to capture the right audience.

4. Highlight the hashtags. Hashtags allow the marketing research team and data analysts to quickly pull data and measure a part of audience engagement. For users, it is a way to quickly see an album or a compilation of other social posts related to the person, product, or idea that is being promoted in a campaign. The hashtag should be unique and fun for it to catch on. It should be placed in a strategic corner for good recall and easy sharing.

5. Give space. Some designers prefer having negative space in a post to encourage the users to focus on the image or words of the visual campaign. There are smart ways to do this without looking boring. Still, when a post offers a lot of space, the image or words should carry with it a truly powerful message. Otherwise, the negative space would not make much sense.

6. Color up. The social media post should match the brand identity from colors to the overall style. However, designers often use matching colors based on color psychology for marketing. For instance, promoting limited edition products would be in red because it denotes a sense of urgency. Banks and hotels go for the color blue to denote good service and customer satisfaction.

Create Effective Videos For Multi-Channel Platforms

A lot of brands rely on videos to captivate the target audience on different kinds of social channels. Creative and funny videos usually get thousands of views. Here are some tips to consider when producing videos for multi-channel platforms.

1. Deliver a clear message. Think about the message that the audience needs to remember after watching the video. If it is about the value of a new product, choose the top features to highlight. It is not necessary to go into a lot of details about the product. Focus on what is the most different or innovative about it. If the list is too long, the audience could lose their focus on what truly matters.

2. Add emotional value. A video that appeals to one’s emotions is usually memorable. It can revolve around the concepts of family, friendship, or community. It can serve as an inspiration to people in challenging situations. It can deliver a message that reassures the audience that they are not alone in dealing with a particular dilemma. Once a video succeeds in tapping into the audience’s emotions, it has a high chance of being shared repeatedly until it goes viral.

3. Add a dash of humor. Funny videos make people relax. Funny situations that are relatable and realistic in an average person’s everyday life are likely to hit the right mark. Babies, as well as cute domestic animals or pets, are common elements in funny videos. They work well because babies and pets are adorable. Even when they are not aware of what exactly they are doing, adorable characters are always fun to share.

4. Limit duration of the video. Keep videos short and sweet. The ideal length is under two minutes. Start the videos with a bang so that the audience will hang on up to the last moment. If it starts in a boring manner, the audience might not engage. A frequent user of social media channels typically watches several videos a day. If they do not like the first twenty seconds of the video, they might just move on to the next video in their feed. In the same manner, if the message of the video is too cluttered, the audience might simply shrug it off as a failed attempt at selling or making sense.

5. Think of target audience and their community. As always, content producers should always put the audience first. Knowing the audience leads to effective videos that speak to the right people or prospective buyers. Every type of audience has a community. If the video works for several people in this community, the video’s share potential may continue to increase over time.

Any of the five tips above will work on various social channels. For Snapchat and Instagram, however, the video should be extra short. Users on these channels are used to short and snappy videos that clearly deliver a brand’s message in sixty seconds or less.

Video producers may also consider putting up a series of short videos. This may be better than trying to say everything in one long video that could bore the target audience.

Smart Reasons To Advertise On Multi-Channel Platforms

A lot of digital marketers are saying that it is not always a good idea to spread a company’s marketing efforts across several channels on the internet. Perhaps they are right in certain situations. There are particular products, services, and mission statements that may fail to work in certain social channels. This is one of the reasons why it is a smart idea to get the services of a multi-channel platform.

Know The Right Social Channel

Being present in too many social channels could translate to a waste of resources. It is important to know the right social channel for audience targeting. Know the target audience. After that, learn how to differentiate the social channels and identify the best channels that the target audience is likely to join or enjoy. However, knowing the channels could be a tricky task. There are so many features in each channel. So, the better step could be seeking out the help of a multi-channel platform.

Marketing platforms study all the social channels and other online exposure avenues for brands and companies. They do the heavy grunt work on research. With all the resources and data they have on hand, companies can rely on them to help them pick the best channels for specific media content. This way, companies are able to save time and money by avoiding the consequences of blindly trying and erring.

Get All Data In One Place

A company’s gathered data can create a big difference in its revenue. In the same manner, getting the right data analytics for all media content can result in a remarkable improvement in an advertisement’s conversion rate.

Each social channel provides an analytics section for its users. The marketing team studies the data in this section to assess the effectiveness of their ads. Imagine going through this checking process one by one. In contrast, a company that works on a multi-channel platform is able to review all the marketing data in one place. It is smart and practical.

Take Advantage Of Tips From The Experts

Multi-channel platforms typically have researchers who focus only on emerging marketing trends and shift in audience behaviors. They get the news as it comes out and forwards it to the community of their platform users. They also share their researchers’ findings. This information is highly valuable because it can significantly contribute to the development of a company’s marketing strategies.

Be sure to subscribe to a marketing organization’s website or a digital marketing expert’s mailing list. Absorb the best tips and compare the insights. Learn a thing or two every day to stay updated with the current trends in digital marketing.

Save Time

Some companies who are still transitioning to the digital marketing space are still clueless about the best practices in online social channels. They waste time and resources, trying to learn trends that work in the present.

However, these trends are bound to change over time. So it is better to simply work with the experts, as in multi-channel marketing platforms. Then, use the saved time to focus on the improvement of products and services.

How To Identify The Best Marketing Channels

Facebook is probably the most popular social channel for all kinds of marketing teams today. It is unlikely for a multi-channel platform to discourage a brand from going on Facebook. Still, there are other social channels that companies can use to increase awareness of their products and services.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has an estimated 2.2 billion active users. To put things in perspective, that figure is comparable to the combined population of China (1.4 billion) and India (1.3 billion) in 2017. These are the top two countries in the world population chart. The United States takes the third place with 324 million people. That said, being on Facebook truly matters to marketers and media producers.

However, there are different types of Facebook users, depending on the hours they spend on the social network. The most frequent Facebook users may not be a product’s target audience. They could be elsewhere. For instance, influential professionals are likely to spend more hours on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Twitter is the avenue for professionals who are passionate about getting heard. Their posts, otherwise known as tweets, are often about their field of expertise or business industry. In contrast, LinkedIn is the social network that connects decision makers, headhunters, mentors, and job seekers. In other words, people in their late teens or early 20s are not likely to be there.

For fashion and beauty products, the target audience is likely to be on Snapchat, Instagram, or Pinterest. These social networks appeal to people who are into visuals. They appreciate 15-second videos. Their language is concise, fun, and youthful.

There are more social channels aside from the networks mentioned above. How can a company identify the best social channel for its products and services?

Here are some questions that a marketing team should answer: (1) What is the brand’s message, exactly? (2) Who should hear out this message? (3) Where should this message be heard?

The Brand Message

State the brand message clearly and let the whole organization understand it. The marketing team will use this as the center of all campaigns. Describe how the message sounds. If it is professional and serious, it should be on Facebook during lunch or pre-dinner hours only. Then, it should be on LinkedIn all day long.

Not all campaigns match the environment of all social networks. However, Facebook may be an exception. Still, the campaign schedule should be carefully planned. It should run only at the right time and not all throughout the day.

The Audience

Describe the target audience. Young and socially active. Carefree or university students. They are most likely on Facebook all day.

What kinds of things matter to them? Photography. Crafts. Scenic destinations. Beaches. They are most likely on Instagram, posting videos and following influencers in their areas of interest.

The Best Social Channels

The best social channel will always depend on the brand and its target audience. Knowing how each social channel works and the kind of users that each of them attracts will help companies build the widest quality audience on the internet.

Social Marketing: Qualities Of A Good Facebook Post

Social media marketers know that their posts or media content should meet a set of criteria before they publish it. One post is considered good and effective when it attracts the target audience and gets shared with thousands or millions of social media users. This is always possible on Facebook.

What makes a good Facebook page?

Casual Facebook users may not be able to distinguish an individual account from a business page right away. However, social media marketers should know the difference. The Facebook page is a company’s reception desk, virtual pop-up booth, and customer support line.

Used and maintained properly, the Facebook page can positively impact the revenue of small and medium enterprises. Even tech giants know this, too. So, what are the best practices for Facebook page management? It is good to start with the kind of posts that go to a business page.

Here are some of the qualities of a good Facebook post:

Straightforward. Regular Facebook users are accustomed to seeing a lot of interesting content on their feed. They have been somehow programmed to ignore words and imagery in their feed if they couldn’t easily determine its value. This is why funny memes combined with the right hashtags are always working. They are simple, direct, and oftentimes truly hilarious.

Witty and funny. Facebook can accommodate long sentences and narratives in its posting space. It doesn’t mean, however, that all posts should be lengthy. Choose quality over quantity here. Carefully plan posts to make sure that it is conversational and captivating. Wit is always celebrated on social media sites. Of course, where there is wit, humor always follows.

Visually appealing. These days, creative workers who do not use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop can produce artwork using Canva. There are so many templates there, and each one is attractive. Find the best template to deliver a brand or product message. Test it with the page followers. Study the level of engagement, then try other templates if necessary.

Relatable. Social media marketers know that they should sound credible and compelling to their target audience. However, they should always be relatable. To achieve this, use conversational language (no jargons) and images that depict average human aspirations. For example, job seekers are easy for the young ones to relate to. Rags to riches stories are also relatable because everyone dreams of overcoming hardships in their future.

Moving. Many of the most popular Facebook posts are human stories. These are videos that spark a renewed faith in humanity. They tug at people’s heartstrings and holds on relentless until the video viewer cannot hold back the tears anymore. These are the posts that go viral quickly. Keep in mind, however, that a baby’s laughter or a pet’s antics may just be as moving, too. The content you produce will always depend on your brand message and target audience.

To sum up, a good Facebook post is share-worthy. When in doubt, test it with a few trusted friends using a personal account. Better yet, get the services of a multi-channel marketing platform to get some expert opinion on your Facebook content.

Understanding Hashtags In Multi-Channel Marketing

Hashtags (#) puzzle a lot of people on social media networks. People who use it aimlessly add to the confusion. When used properly, hashtags can become effective marketing tools for any brand. The operative word here is “properly”.

Here are some tips on using hashtags the right way particularly in multi-channel marketing platforms:

1. There should be a hashtag for the brand. Imagine the brand name is “Winner Label”. Now, imagine the product is organic soap. In this case, a good hashtag would be #winnerlabelsoap. Another good idea would be #winnerlabelorganicsoap. This would work well in social media channels because there is a sense of quick recall and easy brand association. People would know that if they click on this hashtag, they would see a lot of related posts on the same topic. This way, the virtual word of mouth would fuel a company’s marketing efforts, too.

2. Make the brand’s hashtag official. Through social media posts and media content, let the public know that the company will consistently use the same hashtag for all posts related to the particular hashtag.

3. Encourage consumers to use the brand’s hashtag. Prompt them to post selfies with the product and use the official hashtag in their caption. In this case, the product can be the organic soap, as mentioned in the example above, or a holiday destination, or a restaurant. It can apply to all sorts of things. It is important to stay consistent.

4. Launch social promos. It could be a raffle promo for money or gift items, a photography competition, or any other activity that would encourage consumers to participate through online posts. To qualify for the promo, participants should caption their posts using a product’s official hashtag. For the purpose of isolating the hashtags for promos, companies can use an event-specific hashtag. For example, back to Winner Label’s organic soap, the additional hashtag for the promo could be #winnerlabelcontest. This way, data analysts or promo managers can easily filter the participating posts by clicking on the promo-specific hashtag.

5. Combine official hashtags with generic terms. For example, if a hotel’s marketing team wants to capture the attention of travel enthusiasts on various social media channels, they should use the most popular generic hashtags relevant to accommodations. In fact, accommodations itself could be a good hashtag. Travel, wanderlust, staycation, and several other terminologies can be used alongside official hashtags. This way, the hotel’s posts can be easily searchable on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

If there is one thing to remember about hashtags, it is this: never use a hashtag that will never be used more than once. The purpose of hashtags is to group social media posts together so that clicking it would take users to a compilation of same-subject discussions or posts.

The next time you get ready to post a marketing material through a multi-channel marketing platform, be sure to review all the possible generic hashtags that your target audience are likely to click on any social media network.

5 Reasons To Join Multi-Channel Marketing Webinars

There are plenty of free webinars for internet users who are keen on expanding their knowledge or learning new things. New digital marketers should take advantage of these free webinars and learn about how things work in multi-channel marketing platforms.

Here are five good reasons to join a webinar on multi-channel platforms:

1. One for many. A webinar on multi-channel platforms for social media marketers will touch upon a lot of relevant topics. Participants will learn the key distinguishing factors that set apart one social media channel from another. In effect, they will also learn how their target audience behaves in various social sites. Further, participants will understand the overlapping elements that various social sites share. Consequently, their campaigns will be better and more meaningful to their target audience. Free webinars on multi-channel platforms are not likely to cover the fine details of digital marketing. However, anyone who is serious about building a career in the field of modern marketing should definitely participate in this kind of webinar.

2. Catch up on emerging trends. A single webinar can immensely expand one’s vocabulary. A newbie in digital marketing and campaign production will certainly benefit a lot from these kinds of webinars. A topic that used to be out of one’s comfort zone is going to be comfortable enough after a focused discussion about the topic. Once caught up, the newbie can now follow news reports that are relevant to digital marketing, particularly emerging trends that should be implemented in the next campaigns.

3. Create innovative, relevant, and timely strategies. Reading news reports and study findings on digital marketing may inspire some fresh ideas. One can now aim to be more innovative by using social channels more creatively. A well-informed newbie can now recommend more relevant and timely strategies for the up and coming product campaigns.

4. Gain confidence. It is unlikely for anyone to learn everything about multi-channel marketing from one webinar. However, newbies would emerge from the webinar feeling empowered and inspired. They now know better. Consequently, they can make better decisions and formulate better campaigns. They would feel more confident and a lot less lost in digital marketing complications. The more confident a person is, the more likely it is for him or her to voice out insights that turn things around for the company.

5. Teach others. The beauty of webinars is that they may be downloaded if the webinar admin producer agrees. It is designed that way, so participants could spread the word and encourage others to try multi-channel platforms, too.

Some companies that already work with multi-channel platforms might think that they do not need relevant webinars. After all, they are already getting third-party assistance. However, the smarter move is to allow the in-house staff to learn from the experts outside of the company.

Learning from outsiders would be a fine way to truly understand certain processes and tech jargon definitions. This way, the next campaigns can become much better. Knowledge and additional skills are always effective in advancing any organization forward.

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