What Are The Acceptable Documents Needed When Applying For A Social Security Card?

//What Are The Acceptable Documents Needed When Applying For A Social Security Card?

What are the acceptable documents that you can use to get a replacement SS card? It would be nice to know everything you need because you need to have your affairs in order when you go up to the office. But wait, what if you didn’t have to go to the office at all? That is something to think about as you continue reading about exactly what you need to get a new social security card.

Apply For Replacement Card Online

If you are able to apply for a replacement card online, you are going to need your drivers license only. In fact, you wouldn’t even necessarily need it in your hand, since you don’t have to show it or make a copy of it to send electronically. All you will need is the information from the card, and you will be able to simply input that information to help prove who you are. Let’s back up for a minute though because not every situation fits applying for a social security card online.

If you have to apply for a card in person, you are going to need your drivers license and birth certificate. There are other acceptable forms of identification, but those are the main documents required. If you have those two forms of identification, then the rest of the process is a piece of cake, save for taking up time at the SSA office. You have to do what you have to do.

Change The Name And Number Of your Card

If you are going to need to change the name or number on your card, you need those documents and have to visit the office in person. If you are getting a replacement card, then you are going to be able to apply online, most likely. You will need to register for an account, which is simple enough. You will need a way to verify that account, which is handled using a text message or email address. You also have to verify your identity by answering some questions based on information obtained from your consumer credit report.

After you get registered with an account, all you need is your drivers license at your side. The rest of the information you will have memorized. In fact, you might even have your drivers license number and expiration date memorized. If you do, then you can leave that form of identification in your wallet and just fill out the application. It is really simple, and you will then receive a confirmation email. You should also receive another email once your application has been reviewed and your card is on its way.

It only takes about two weeks for you to get your card. There is no difference in the wait time if you go to the office or apply online. The only difference is that applying online is much easier. It will be a piece of cake, if you are able to handle the matter that way. I suggest at least looking into it because you could skip the extra form of identification and just do the application online. Visit online website to apply for lost social security card replacement application and for details ask the authorities.